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Transports / Wadia WT3200 Modification
« Last post by beagle on August 13, 2022, 02:18:46 AM »
I know this post is a bit old...
...but there's still a chance someone can give me some more specific info on the Wadia WT3200 mod?
E.g. why the SAA7220 chip was removed and how to replace it. And why were the diodes soldered?
I also own a WT3200 and would like to "upgrade" this device.
Unfortunately, information on how to modify the 7220 filter chip is scarce.
Thank you in advance for your answers and your efforts.
Announcements / Re: Any one still visiting the KDAC forum?
« Last post by YoungSC on July 09, 2022, 06:28:11 PM »
I had it on my quick access favourites, but took it off due to lack of action.  Just visiting again for the first time in a while.
Announcements / Re: Any one still visiting the KDAC forum?
« Last post by Jehuty on May 12, 2022, 10:32:50 PM »
I still do  :D
Announcements / Any one still visiting the KDAC forum?
« Last post by vitavoxdude on May 11, 2022, 11:01:42 PM »
Just browsing all the usual websites, and noticed that the last post on this forum was over a year ago.  Has everyone ditched thier old transports and Kdacks and moved into digital USB feeds????? ;D
Tubes / Re: Western Electric 300Bs 2019 new production
« Last post by guru on December 19, 2021, 11:37:07 PM »
You still have the talisman Mario, sna has your name ringing through the corridors tonight. Cheers.
Transports / Mac Mini
« Last post by vitavoxdude on July 29, 2021, 06:56:06 PM »
Is anyone else on the forum using a Mac Mini?  After reading how PS Audio owner Paul McGowan used one for some of his replay it pricked my interest.  So out I went and bought one.  I now use this to stream Tidal hifi (quality?) :'(

The USB outlet feeds into a Audiophellio which then feeds into the RCA input of a Musical Fidelity DAC.  Whilst this is not the same quality as a CD spinner into the same DAC it does provide access to a huge music catalogue for around 40 bucks a month.  The replay is better than elevator muse-ic  :o but is a long way short of the KD fed properly.  :-X

Be interested to hear how others have refined this form of music replay as it currently falls short of greatness IMO.
Thanks  ;) ;) ;) ;)
Amplification (Pre/Power) / Re: opamps
« Last post by vitavoxdude on July 29, 2021, 06:30:43 PM »
Hi Tuyen

Yes, I have been through soo many opamps in the last 35 years, it's not funny.  the NE5532 and 34 types are littered everywhere due to low cost and I have been replacing them for many a year.  I was shocked when I decided to open my expensive SACD player to find them in the output stage, actually, I was as annoyed as all hell as the unit in question was supposedly upgraded at great cost (another scam for some RF shielding paint which had been brushed on by the looks of a 4 year old).

No doubt there will be many saying that drop in replacements will not always work, and indeed in some cases, oscillation will occur due to poor power supply and feedback arrangements  :-[.

I have now gone over to the dark side  :o and can whole heartedly recommend the Sparkos range of devices.  I use their regulators too as it provides a much darker background (read better signal to noise ratio) which allows the finer detail through with greater ease and less smear.  Their opamps breath a whole new life into the results similar in going from a 1000 dollar amp to a 5000 dollar amp or more and whilst not cheap, they do enable the lifting of the overall sound by around 20 to 25% in my ratings, thus they have my full recommendation. ;D ;D ;D ;D

You will find more sound stage depth and width, oh and height too, easier to hear into sound with better everything as far as I am concerned and represents the finest there currently is.  Big claim, but I have now used these devices in several different pieces of equipment and every time it has been a grin inducing result at modest cost.

IMO they rate higher than the Burson range which can be a brighter enhanced treble detail and I have all of theirs to directly compare too along with the original Sun and Earth range from the originators of discrete opamps.  AD 845's are not too bad and cheap.
Reel to Reel / Re: R2R music
« Last post by stevenvalve on October 23, 2020, 06:18:21 PM »
Here is an interesting Master tape Studio Look at the Micheal Femmer you tube clip
Capacitors / Re: Miflex paper in oil caps
« Last post by brenden on July 25, 2020, 09:52:04 PM »
Just a couple of  comments  re bypassing . I dont   recomend bypassing in signal path unless its bypassing  electrolytics  such as the back  to back type in many  early cd players like the Marantz  cd 94 etc ,and its not perfect but still an improvement over the inferior electrolytic  on their own . , but you HAVE   to use a .01 uf  .  It may be only one decimal  point  but will make the difference from  being great to crap .    .Miflex dont make a .01 uf unfortunately  . In fact i did try their .02 uf cap as a bypass  and that didn't sound right either .Thats how  critical  it can be .  Secondly , many cheaper film caps can be a bit bright compared to a jupiter copper foil  for example  and could  tilt the  the upper frequencies up a bit . 
    Where bypassing works ,  is with electrolytics in power supplies . Only use a .01 uf  copper foil like Duelund  or  Jupiter ..  they have come down in price now  so no one needs to use an inferior .01 uf cap . 
    If you are using  a decent output  cap  no need to bypass in my opinion.  . My vsf caps in the 94 mk2  are not bypassed .
Capacitors / Re: Miflex paper in oil caps
« Last post by stevenvalve on July 23, 2020, 06:35:41 PM »
Hi Bypassing caps is an old idea because most older vintage oil caps are not that good, so often the performance improved with a bypass, with the new stable of excellent caps bypassing just does not work for me, so i am not at all surprised
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