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Philosophy and rules of this website and forum
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This forum,, was put together as a vehicle to share information amongst members and build an accessible, community based knowledge base.

In remaining true with the communal and sharing basis of the site, we ask the following:

Philosophy of this forum

- We are all here to learn and share our passion and experience.
- Proprietary information (schematics/how-to's) are to be shared if the developer desires to do so.
- The KillerDAC itself is an evolving, proprietary design based on the work of many people over time. Some of the current schematics/information will not be published.
- If you find certain information is not made public, please accept there are reasons for this.


- Information here is free to give and take. Contributions of your knowledge/experiences with audio are welcome and appreciated
- We ask that all communication be kept civil.
- Respect your fellow forum member.
- It is OK to have different opinions, and it is likewise OK for OTHER people to have different opinions.
- Swearing is unnecessary, please refrain from using it.
- Personal attacks, or attacking people/products/manufacturers will not be tolerated.
- Everyone, including admins is to follow the above guidelines. They apply to everyone on this site.
- There is to be no hotlinking (direct linking to images hosted on other websites) and the preferred method of linking images is one of the many free image hosting providers.
- Copyright material or linking to downloads of copyright material is not allowed or condoned in any way by this website. Posting illegal/questionable content will lead to permanent banning.

Breaches of Conduct

- Conduct yourself poorly and we will remove you from the forum
- Minor breaches will result in temporary bans and/or post/topic deletion
- Major or repeat breaches will result in permanent bans including IP bans.
- If you believe you have been unfairly treated, let the other admins know.

Commercial Products and Vendors

As this is a community based forum, we welcome any commercial vendors to contribute and be made welcome.

We have established a 'commercial vendors' forum where you are welcome to advertise your products. You are welcome to create the in that forum, the following:

- One thread for use as a general discussion thread regarding your products. Please use this thread in an ongoing manner
- One thread for use as a 'current specials', 'sale' type thread. Please use this thread in an ongoing manner.

You are of course welcome to participate in any other forums as you wish as any other member is. You ARE allowed to:

- Mention, discuss or direct people to your threads.
- Put your company details, contacts etc in your signature. Please be minimal and appropriate in this (no half page banners, flashing lights, embedded flash etc)

Too much flagrant self promotion will lead to warning, and then banning. Be nice and mindful that this is an information sharing site.

Sponsorship and Donation

Currently the forum is in its infancy and as such is entirely paid for by 3bm. We have no desire to attract commercial sponsorship which is why we have offered the above solution to suit vendors. Furthermore, we believe offering sponsorship benefits for money is against the community based information sharing role this site fills.

We may at some stage offer a donation drive should the site require faster servers etc but have no plans to do this for the foreseeable future.

Contacts and getting help

You are welcome to ask any of the admins for assistance if you require help. Likewise to report anything untoward.
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