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Prima Luna Dialogue Amp
« on: December 23, 2013, 10:19:17 PM »
Hi Guys
I had previously heard that the new Prima Luna Dialogue Amp was pretty good:
Anyway had the chance to hear it today with my new ML2 Limited at Mikes.
It has two modes - a Triode class A mode with about 13 watts and a Ultra Linear mode at about 40 watts.
Heard the Ultra Linear mode first. It was OK - quite good in fact - but switched to the lower power Triode mode - clearly and obviously better - but only 13W.
Started playing some typical stuff like Donald Fagan - Morph The Cat.  Really good - but hey - 13w - surely that would be a problem with other stuff.  Ok - what about Rage Against The Machine - surely not.  Ok tried it - what the fook - turned it up quite loud - no problem. Now it wasn't head banging ear bleeding levels but it was as loud as I would care to take it.  Amazing.  Tried my favorites - Fever and Case Of You - very natural, relaxing, real organic sound - you simply sit there with a smile on your face and relax.  I hate to say it but I preferred it to my Arion 500's - from memory anyway.  Only one way to find out - put on the Arions.
Ok on they went.  Very nice smooth detailed type sound I had heard before.  But, to my ears it was outclassed by the Prima Luna - simply more natural and real sounding.  Mike thought he heard some distortion with the Arions listening to Case Of You that was absent on the Prima Luna.  We played it a few times and I was able to hear it to.  It wasnt great - but the Prima Luna was more accurate.
There you have it - one fine amp.  Within its power rating it outclassed a state of the art digital.  And the levels you could get with that 13W was simply astonishing,
Next thing is to see how it goes against my Leak when it gets upgraded.

Craig (Rawl99) mentioned he may be able to see his way clear to pop down to Mikes with his upgraded Leak and see how that goes - with maybe my Killer as well.
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Re: Prima Luna Dialogue Amp
« Reply #1 on: December 24, 2013, 09:51:41 PM »
Welcome to the wonderful world of valves Bill  ;)
Not all that matters can be measured, not all that can be measured matters.

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Re: Prima Luna Dialogue Amp
« Reply #2 on: January 24, 2014, 08:40:43 AM »
Hi Bill

Glad you are having fun and coming back to valves    ;D

Looking at pics of the Prima Luna there seems (like most commercial amps) to be some pretty cheap average parts in there so I am surprised it sounds so good. I'm guessing you heard it with stock new production valves. Plenty of modding potential. Also seems like a heck of a lot of ancillary circuits and chips in there, probably for the autobias circuit. Given what is in the Prima Luna currently the upgraded Leak should be a a significant step up, but as you know proof will be in the listening.

Just be careful what you stick in the Leak, it is already lean and needs parts that don't accentuate that aspect. Allen Bradleys and PIO can help. Be interesting to see what the Jupiter flat stack caps sound like.

Cheers, Andy
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