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Cryogenic Treatment
« on: May 12, 2011, 02:57:19 PM »
Thought I'd share an interesting piece I read from VH Audio website -

Cryogenic Treatment

In our experience, the degree of difference vs non-cryoed parts is not the "earth shattering" or "night/day" difference that some companies' sales literature might suggest, but rather an incremental improvement more akin to an upgraded connector, cable or other "tweak". Also, in our experience, not all materials benefit from cryogenic treatment to the same degree. Brass seems to benefit more from cryogenic treatment than pure copper, and high purity silver may actually be DEGRADED by cryogenic treatment, based on our listening tests. Plated materials are also a mixed bag, with the resultant sound improvement varying by type of base metal, the plating material, AND the plating process used.

What's your experience with cryo treatment of various hifi bits?

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Re: Cryogenic Treatment
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tuyen been their done that
bugle boys 6dj8 can benefit from cryo treatment
amprex 6922 vintage and siemens cca 6922 DONT BENEFIT DESTROYED MY TUBES
its a cleaner sound on wires but you looses body and texture timbres also suffer.
still discovering the link between electronics and audio much to learn and so little time