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Mobile Fidelity CD-R blanks.
« on: March 20, 2015, 12:12:43 AM »
Unless some of you have  tried to purchase some of these Mobile Fidelity CD-R blanks recently ,you may not realise that the supply seems to be dwindling .The 50 and 25 spindles are particularly hard to source .After doing some research it appears that Mobile Fidelity could be exiting their interest in CD-R discs .
      I have done lots of googling and found what looks to be a replacement made by the same manufacturer ,to exactly the same specs as the MF.
 This is a translated version of info from their Ebay site .

    I cant find much info as to what Mobile Fidelity's plans are regarding CD-R discs ,but if U want some ,now might be a good time .

              Sieveking Sound CD-R 50-pack Spindle

Technical Specifications: Sieveking Sound 24 Karat Gold CD-R
 The Sieveking Sound 24-Karat Gold CD-R is the successor to the popular Ultra MFSL disc blanks. Once you have chosen in the US, no longer offer the Ultra Disc CD-Rs, Sieveking Sound has contacted the American manufacturer and can make a new press die. The new CD-Rs are technically 100% the previous MFSL blanks, but now have an imprint on which you can write with a standard dark marker.

 Unchanged is the running time of 74 minutes and you should burn as slowly as possible in order to achieve an optimal result. The blanks work in both hi-fi CD recorders, as well as in computer burners. It can be expected with a theoretical lifetime of approximately 300 years. Sonically, the copy on the Sieveking Sound 24-carat gold blank CD will sound typically better than the underlying standard CD, when playing back the blank in the CD drive, a larger optical contrast at lower jitter and less runout is achieved ,

 The blanks are tested by the manufacturer in the United States prior to packaging individually optically and provided with serial numbers.

 Anyone who has ever scratch a CD-R by too much light or heat damaged, had to learn that there is a defect-prone technology. All too often lose irreplaceable data, images and most of all music. In cases where you have a loss of data simply can not afford and wants, there is the Sieveking Sound CD-R. This particular CD-R is designed for professional users, the error can not be accepted. The gold-coated CD-Rs offer excellent reflection behavior, are weather resistant and offer unmatched resistance to light and heat. Furthermore offer the CD-Rs immediate pit formation to generate even during rapid firings steep pit edges and a patented scratch protection. These features provide little or no error correction when reading is necessary. While typical CD-Rs have an expected life of 30 years (under ideal storage conditions), the CD-Rs are after aging tests have a lifespan of 300 years. The information can be safely stored for longer than ever before. Caution: To ensure an optimal reading have Ultra Disc CD-Rs with a capacity of "only" 650 Mb or 74 min music.

Special photo-sensitive dye

 Contain Unlike many other CD-Rs Cyanine (blue / green dye) or Azometalle (dark blue dye) and sensitive to light and heat Sieveking Sound CD-R utilizes a patented photosensitive dye which provides accurate firing results and long-term stability. While the other dyes have a linear molecular structure that easily break under varying environmental conditions, the dye of Sieveking Sound CD-R is a ring-shaped molecular structure that is very long-term stability.

Very clean and precise combustion

 Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab has chosen the Ultra disc on slower firing speed (1x - 12x) and not to be interpreted as high burning speed. Although many people believe that faster is better, the MFSL engineers have a very different opinion. A long series of tests showed that slower firings were always clearly superior sound quality. Who can should add real speed (ie 1x). Too high burning speeds increase the error rate and cause dirty pits. Furthermore, high burn rates also cause vibrations in the burners and thereby increase the jitter of the recording.

 And this is a link to their website .


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Re: Mobile Fidelity CD-R blanks.
« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2015, 12:50:37 AM »
I did check today and all the 50-25 packs of MFSL CDR blanks have disappeared, Not Good. These Sieveking Sound CD-R 50-packs are expensive. It may be time to go computer audio............. did I say that.....
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