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Re: Miflex paper in oil caps
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Just a couple of  comments  re bypassing . I dont   recomend bypassing in signal path unless its bypassing  electrolytics  such as the back  to back type in many  early cd players like the Marantz  cd 94 etc ,and its not perfect but still an improvement over the inferior electrolytic  on their own . , but you HAVE   to use a .01 uf  .  It may be only one decimal  point  but will make the difference from  being great to crap .    .Miflex dont make a .01 uf unfortunately  . In fact i did try their .02 uf cap as a bypass  and that didn't sound right either .Thats how  critical  it can be .  Secondly , many cheaper film caps can be a bit bright compared to a jupiter copper foil  for example  and could  tilt the  the upper frequencies up a bit . 
    Where bypassing works ,  is with electrolytics in power supplies . Only use a .01 uf  copper foil like Duelund  or  Jupiter ..  they have come down in price now  so no one needs to use an inferior .01 uf cap . 
    If you are using  a decent output  cap  no need to bypass in my opinion.  . My vsf caps in the 94 mk2  are not bypassed .