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Keith Eichman New USB Cable
« on: July 16, 2018, 12:10:31 AM »
Just a few notes on some recent experiences with some of Keiths Cables including his new USB.  I posted some of it elsewhere but rather than discuss the Hi Fi aspects it got embroiled in Keith didn't have certification for his power cables (he does but it got so bad it had to be shut down) and the goody but oldy cables do not make a difference.  But people here are generally more concerned with the main game rather than side issues.

I have heard Keith's power cables and for some new gear I am getting (a Grandinote DAC and integrated amp) I ordered some power and speaker cables, from Keith at KLE.  He said no problem.  They are down at Mike's at the moment for a GTG he is doing on Saturday August 4th starting 9am.  I will bring some over to your place and you can see how they go.  Also, he mentioned, I have been thinking about a USB cable for a while, do you mind if I borrow your Mac-book as a source to develop it.  I said sure.   When finished, and bringing the Mac-book back, can I bring it over, as well as the other cables, and see what you think.  I said sure - should be interesting.

Before going on I need to disclose I know Keith, having been with him at many GTG's, he is a fellow member of the Queensland Audio Club, and have been with him during many listening sessions tweaking the Lenehan Audio ML5's, and hearing what his cables do.

OK - power cables easily better than the standard ones I had in my system.  Very analogue like and more revealing - sort of like a layer of grunge removed.  But its hardly a fair comparison, the cables I had were simply standard HW store stuff.  The speaker cables were more interesting.   They were replacing 10 year old Lenehan Audio Ribbonflex.   Sound stage widened, much more harmonically rich and analogue like, more depth.  Spoke to Mike and it didn't surprise him, things have moved on a lot in his cables - his new ones are a lot better.

But now to the USB.  In the future when I have the Grandinote I will not need any.  I use a 5 meter piece of junk connecting into an Iso Regen then to a small bit of Curious cable.  It was more organic with better texture, depth and soundstage .  Rawl99 calls this texture and organic sound better harmonic resolution so maybe that's what's going on.  What I can say for sure is its one fine USB Cable.

Like all things in Audio best to listen to it first to make up your mind - and do it blind if you are into that sort of thing.  But I think guys here are like me and trust your ears. 

I took them down to Mikes and put them in the system in preparation for the GTG.  Well we first put in the speaker cables - much better.  Then the power cables - better again - then Keith's RCA cables - well it just got better an better.   In the end it was the best sound I ever heard.   Mike thought the RCA's sounded like his, but he didn't have any at the time to try it.  Overnight he built some balanced cables and was able to compare - gee it was close he thought - Keiths cables maybe had a slightly thicker, fleshier midrange.

And if you want to hear it for yourself all the cables, as well as my new DAC and amp, plus the ML5's, there will be at the GTG on the 4th of August at Mike Lenehan's.

Grandinote Volta DAC
Grandinote Shininai Amp
Lenehan ML5 Reference
2 X 2 meter Qpurity 8  speaker cables
3 X 1.5 meter gPower3 power cables

The USB I tested was a 1 meter QFlow7U.


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Re: Keith Eichman New USB Cable
« Reply #1 on: July 16, 2018, 05:51:16 PM »
Hi Bill, I love going to these things but is a bit far, let us know the results