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Lampizator Dac
« on: August 27, 2019, 07:04:06 PM »
Well a friend brought along a Lampizator Dac mainly to see if we can improve its performance. But first we needed to see how it performed against the Killerdac, the obvious yardstick regarding digital. I believe it was a top line but older probably obsolete model, i do not know if he still makes them like this anymore, firstly i liked that he used a wood base to mount the components, nice, wood types can sound very different but great start. His choice of components was OK, but certainly not inspiring, i guess he has a price point to deal with. I liked his valve choices and i knew i could do something with this Dac. The sound initially was as i expected and ultimately fairly ordinary, not very open a little bloated rough and course with poor separation and only ok timbre. We made a few quick changes and slotted in 2 Phillips E88CC Holland 1965. We tried many different 6DJ8s and these worked nicely. Next a tasty rectifier was installed, we tried many and finally settled on a brown base GEC CV378 or also called a GZ37. Just with these changes, it went from ordinary to excellent, no Killerdac, but still excellent and something i could live with, with more modifications planed for the future i feel it will improve even more, but that will mean removing a good amount of the Lampizator internals. A few pictures.
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