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Fabric to use with acoustic treatments
« on: November 11, 2011, 04:13:39 PM »
I posted this on SNA but thought some might find it useful here.


This is a follow on from this thread ->

Just thought it would be good to have a more generic thread that can be added to over time.

Zaphod recommended "two way, stretch jersey" which brought me to Broadway Textiles which carry this material:

Unfortunately it only comes in 135cm widths with is not wide enough for my purposes.  It might be perfect for other peoples though.  Sorry, I didn't get a price on it.

I've received my samples from:


The RIM Trilogy One fabrics are quite thick in comparison to the Broadway Textiles Grill Fabric.  Trilogy one does not really stretch in either direction whereas the Grill Fabric stretches quite a bit in one direction but not the other.  Trilogy one will be really easy to work with and make it look great as it holds its shape really well.  The Trilogy one is quite dense/thick and as such you can't see through it anywhere near as much as the Grill Fabric.  The Grill Fabric really is quite thin.  Since I have chosen the black Polymax XHD the fact that the Grill Fabric is quite see through will not be a problem at all. 


Product: Trilogy One
Composition   : 100% Polyester
Weight: 280gsm
Roll Width: 188cm (nominal)
Roll Length: 50 metres (nominal)
Price: $16.90 p/m

Broadway Textiles:
Product: Grill Fabric
Composition   : 100% Polyester
Weight: 135gsm
Roll Width: 150cm
Roll Length: ??
Price: $3.70 p/m (add gst + freight)

My choices:

The 'Grill Fabric' only comes in black so that limited my choices as I don't want black on the roof or the rear wall.  Black is perfect for my free standing first reflection point units. 

I have chosen to go with the RIM 'Trilogy One' fabrics for the rear and roof of my room.  Whereas I will be going with Broadway Textiles 'Grill Fabric' for the stand alone first reflection point treatments (front and sides).

Sample Pictures:
Thinking of this for the back wall as a feature (tying it in with the rug)

This for the roof

I hope some of this information is useful to others.