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Title: Corian hookups?
Post by: tuyen on February 16, 2012, 05:26:28 PM
Hi all,

Anyone have local hookups for corian material? 

Looking at plinth options for my lenco ptp tt project. 

Title: Re: Corian hookups?
Post by: vitavoxdude on February 16, 2012, 07:51:26 PM
Hi Tuyen

Corian is made under licence to du pont from memory.  Kitchen fitters / outlets would be the most likely source for the material but it's ...ahem...expensive. For turntablists aparently lots of marine ply wins out over Corian, slate, marble etc due to inherent damping characteristics but look way less attractive than a nice slab of granite etc.  Motor noise needs to be damped and absorbed rather than passed directly through to the arm.  The Garrod decks have been played with extensively with a meriad of differnt plinth materials, ply comes out top apparently and my 401 uses a plywood plinth and sounds OK.  Corian looks great and can be machined acurately, maybe a decoupled arm board a' la Linn sondek would overcome motor noise transmission.
Title: Re: Corian hookups?
Post by: tuyen on February 17, 2012, 01:28:37 PM
Thanks V.  Your advice is similiar to a friend's regarding ply vs other materials ie. slate/corian    Personally I actually prefer the look of big thick heavy ply as a plinth, so guess it is all good.   Will stick to finding some decent quality wood.

Any recommendations what I should be looking at to use for isolation mounts on the corners of the plinth's base?   It would have to support over 20-30kg at a guess as it will have to be quite big to support 2 12" arms.

Title: Re: Corian hookups?
Post by: vitavoxdude on February 17, 2012, 01:42:11 PM
Hi Tuyen  ;D
Briefly I beleive there is a 'right thickness' for a deck allready establihed, check out HiFi world.  Usual issues of too much killing off pace and too little not enough damping, just like an F1 car................dooh.
With supports beneath, well that's another whole can of worms.  The roller ball type look promising but there are so many choices.  I would start by constrcuting the dedicated stand and then look to couple / decouple from your new deck.  Try to avoid resonant cavities being enclosed beneath the decks top plate by a base board. 3 support legs work better in the designs I have heard which I have Nick of the UK to thank for.  Go for low energy storage in the stand and natural hard woods.  My 2 pennies worth.
Title: Re: Corian hookups?
Post by: ozcal on February 17, 2012, 06:57:57 PM
Russ Andrews used to make Torolyte stands, very light very rigid 3 point frame.
The closest thing today is the Ikea lack but like the Torolyte stands these seem to be better with suspended turntables.
Ps : the torolyte stands were ugly :)
Oops , still makes them , look much better but the price is in the bullsh!t region :
Title: Re: Corian hookups?
Post by: vitavoxdude on February 18, 2012, 12:21:59 AM
YES gordon they are not priced in the bargain basement but at least he is still in business so he must be charging enough to cover overheads etc.  When I was a small time manufacture I was charging mates rates and not earning my main income from this source and I am no longer in business.

The stands look to be supporting a spiffing veneer these days and they are functional as opposed to decrotive.  You pays yer money and maker yer choice.  Russ has had some good sounding systems over the years and considering he is not Naim or Linn has been one of the corner stones of the British cottage industry looking after the audio afflicted druggies throught their wallets.  Other notables are Avondale Audio and Graham Nalty, I'm sure there's more but that's all I can think of presently; Hifi collective is a fairly recent event in compariosn.

There are some Aussie hifi chaps too, mostly in Melbourne or the East  coast but they don't know how to pack  >:( >:( >:( and I am really tempted to name names after receiving yet another 'ooops I droopped it and the packing is sooo crap my 3 year old daughter could do better types.  ::) If people here wish to stay in business thye need to learn how to pack properly.  OK about to loose the plot again and start a rant on the useless tossers who charge you for packing and then blame it on some one else..........arggggggggggggggggh if only Perth had a bigger hifi community and outlets.

Back onto Corian....................there was one UK company who built corian enclosures for Tannoy 15's, they came and went almost as quick, a few hifi manufactures offered it as an additional purchase for front facia plates but further than this I can't think of any other company who has chosen to stay with corian probably because it's made under license and it has a few more years to run it's just not cost effective.  I love some of the 'groovy colours' that it comes in, pretty 'out there' in a world of black black and black, where's the lovely Marantz gold, pretty rare, silver aluminium has made a bit of a comeback now cnc maching prices have dropped and on the rear occassion, wooden boxes for smaller companies prevail but at cottage industry pricing.  I see there are some keen prices on offer from China on some good looking enclosures, some of which are a carbon copy of the AR gear...............And Corian......well it's not used by most, an inert resin composite with fragments of rock is still too damn expensive for all but the little ladies in their kitchens and hospitals for walls which can be chemically cleaned to keep the bugs almost at bay. :-X :'(
Title: Re: Corian hookups?
Post by: skippyboy on February 18, 2012, 09:31:37 AM
Saw this stuff at a Sydney building expo, very dense material.
Title: Re: Corian hookups?
Post by: tuyen on February 18, 2012, 09:48:16 AM
Awesome thanks for that skippyboy!

I will get in contact with them, see if I can try some out.   Looks interesting enough :)

Will report back
Title: Re: Corian hookups?
Post by: guru on April 20, 2014, 06:35:00 PM
Sorry to revive an old thread but with the mention of paper rock material I wondered if anyone knew that it is the Material X and S used in Wilson speakers. there is a local supplier of it in Sydney should you ever want to play around with it but can get expensive for the thicker sheet material.